Suzanne Alonzo

My research focuses generally on the evolution and ecology of reproductive traits. I am particularly interested in how social or behavioral interactions affect evolutionary dynamics.  I conduct fieldwork in Corsica (on the ocellated wrasse) and in Connecticut (on a freshwater stream fish, the tessellated darter) and use phenotypic and genetic modeling approaches to examine how interactions within and between the sexes affect the evolution and expression of reproductive behaviors. For more information about research in my lab, click here.

Bio, Education, & Training

Full Professor, Univ. Calif. Santa Cruz (2014-present)
Associate Professor with tenure, Yale (2012-2104)
Associate Professor on term, Yale University (2010-2011)
Assistant Professor, Yale University (2004-2010)
Assistant Researcher, Institute Marine Sciences, Univ. of California Santa Cruz (2001- 2004)
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Studies, Univ. of California Santa Cruz (1998-2001)

PhD: University of California, Santa Barbara 1998
BA: University of California, Berkeley 1992